The school has well designed building according to the changing trends in teaching learning processes. All the classrooms and other rooms are well designed, airy, well ventilated and spacious. Building is partitioned in to four blocks: - Pre primary, Primary, Secondary, Sr. Secondary block. It contains approximate 50 Rooms with separate labs and Examination Hall. Examination Hall can accommodate more than 500 students during examination.

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Science Labs

The school has advanced, enriched and well equipped laboratories of physics, chemistry, and Biology. The Labs provide extensive opportunities to the students to flourish their scientific aptitude. Science exhibition is organized by the Science Clubs every year. Students have participated up to state and regional level in science exhibition organized by CBSE.

Computer Lab

The wonderful machine ‘computer’ has not only won over the hearts of billion but also, it has entered all walks of life. So this modern technology is no longer beyond the reach of our students We have computer aided learning in fully Ac room. The computer education is provided to all the students.

Music Room

The music room provides melodious chance to the budding singers and musicians to learn the know-how and technicalities involved in becoming adept at seven notes of music. Students play on various instruments filling the room with euphony thereby transforming it in to a utopia


Books are the treasure of knowledge “to open a book is to open a treasure.” The good book is the life blood of master spirit so we have updated well equipped and well stocked library according to the academic needs of staff and students. To help the poor students we have a separate bookbank from which we provide books to needy students free at cost.

Art Room

The art room is a colorful medium for the students to picture their world with variety of vibrant colors. The students learn and imbibe the tools for aesthetic in various art and craft activities.

Sports and games

“Health is wealth”, to become physically fit healthy and wealthy, Schools provide various outdoor and indoor games facilities to the students. School has a large playground spread over six acres having well furnished pitches and ground for different sports like Volley ball, basket ball, cricket, roller-skating, badminton, hockey,hand ball and foot ball. School is going to establish a sports academy from coming session.


School has its own 15 Buses which provide the facility of transport to students and staff from their respective stops to the school and vice versa. The bus conductors ensure the boarding and alighting safe and comfortable especially for the smaller ones.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is a challenging and mind blogging subject for majority of students. School has well equipped mathematics laboratory under the supervision of math Deptt. They provide a Platform to learn math by various techniques and methods.Smaller children learn math by play way method in this Lab.


Smart Class

To facilitate the learner, the teacher uses different audio-visual teaching aids to clear the concept . Smart class is the most advanced technique. By this method the bookish knowledge burden can be reduced, Students learn by doing and be practical.

Kids Park

It adds beauty and grace to the building. At the entrance, there is a beautiful KIDS PARK. Little angels enjoy different rides electric train