Greenland Day Boarding Public school was established in 2001. This institute is working as a lamp to enlighten the path leading to the bright future of the students. Greenland basically aims at quality education and on all sides of maturity of student’s persona providing hassle for surrounding for over all development in terms of performance in the different disciplines of activities that the school always discharges to them. As parents and teachers, it is our sacred duty to seriously think of ways and means to channel the hidden talent of young generation into constructive resources giving life and energy to build up our nation. We have to preserve our cultural heritage for our next generation. Therefore it becomes very important for us to provide adequate information about the value system to our next generation who are going to face the consequences of what we will give to them. Our staff is fully capable of developing the students’ faculties – Physical, mental, and spiritual. New teaching methodologies with extensive use of IT are implemented raise the bar of quality of education in the school. We welcome the parents with right vision, with an open mindedness to join us to mark a day in their ward’s life. We are sincerely grateful to all the eminent personalities who have contributed in one way or the other in founding this institution. We pray to God to shower His blessings on each one of us associated with this noble cause. Ever ready for the noble cause of education. Urmil Jain. Principal